About Us

Encapsulae was born in 2018 as a spin-off of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC).

Our objective is the development and commercialization of functional additives for active and intelligent packaging, increasing food safety, lengthening the useful life of food and accelerating the biodegradation of plastic packaging.

Since 2019 we have been part of the PORCINNOVA and CLIMATE-KIC accelerators as an example of a company with great impact in reducing plastic waste generated by packaging, in addition to the development of packaging technology that helps reduce food waste.

Our technology

We have our own technology licensed by the CSIC for the encapsulation of active principles in supports such as zeolites, sepiolites, bentonites, polysaccharides, silicas, microcapsules, organoclains among others, with which the active containers will then be manufactured.

At Encapsulae we have additives to accelerate polymer degradation so that once the container has been used, it can be degraded in less than 180 days following the EN-13432 standard.

Our additives preserve food from deterioration from the container, allowing to extend the useful life of the food through solutions such as the absorption of oxygen, reduction of bacteria, filters from sunlight, release of antioxidants, etc.

Encapsulae Character


By slowing the growth of spoilage bacteria and making food last longer, thus reducing food waste and CO2 emissions, as well as saving the consumer.


Elimination of pathogenic bacteria, making food safer for consumers and allowing packers to ensure quality standards.


Composting the container after use in less than 180 days according to the EN-13432 standard, increasing sustainability and reducing climate impact.