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Our products

The additives developed by ENCAPSULAE preserve food from deterioration from the container, allowing to extend the useful life of the food, through solutions such as oxygen absorption, bacteria reduction, sunlight filters, release of antioxidants, etc.

Also, additives have been developed that accelerate the biodegradation of containers in less than 180 days.

El sándwich perfecto vegano

Food safety

We have developed additives for food packaging for bacterial control, also to improving food preservation.


Active packaging allows control of bacterial growth, reducing the probability of contamination. Our food contact polymer additive, AS020P, has proven activity against various bacteria.



It's an additive that serves as an accelerating agent for the biodegradation of polymers, it's based on an encapsulation of inorganic active principles that begin to act improving the efficiency of the composting process and reaching a reduction in plastic waste of 95% in 90 days.

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