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Food safety


At Encapsulae we have developed additives for food packaging for bacterial control, in addition to improving food preservation.

Active packaging allows control of bacterial growth, reducing the probability of contamination. The AS020P additive is an additive for food contact polymers with proven activity against:

Campilobacter jejuni

Listeria monocytogenes

Escherichia coli

Staphilococus aureus

Salmonella spp

23 million

Europeans get sick every year from eating spoiled food


people die annually

The main causes:

Salmonella spp. no tifoidea

Campylobacter jejuni


Listeria monocytogenes

At Encapsulae we work to make our clients more competitive, reducing costs and losses in the food industry.

1 Kg of additive saves 3.5 tons of CO2

1 Kg of meat is protected with < 1 € cent

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