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Our AS031P additive works as an accelerating agent for polymer biodegradation. Based on the encapsulation of inorganic active principles that begins to act, improving the efficiency of the composting process and achieving a reduction of plastic waste of 95% in 90 days.

During the useful life of the container, the additive remains inactive and does not affect the mechanical or barrier properties. Activity begins once the container is subjected to 57ºC and anaerobic conditions.

We have registered and patented the biodegradation technology through patent P201990046.

plástico biodegradación.jpg
Grafico perdida peso con acelerador.png

AS031P additive generates a deficit of negative charges under compost conditions, the polymer chains recombining, therefore, breaks are generated and ends up through hydrolysis mechanisms, decomposing the polymer into much shorter chains that end up transforming into carbon dioxide with the action of compost bacteria.

Basic conditions to consider a compostable polymer according to EN 13432:

When checking the components, the absence of heavy materials is verified.

The threshold of biodegradability meets 90% at 6 months maximum.

Disintegration generates material fragments smaller than 2mm x 2mm after 12 weeks.

The ecotoxicity of humus is zero.

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