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ENCAPSULAE started its activity in 2018 as a spin-off of the Higher Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) for the development and commercialization of additives for active and intelligent packaging.

In 2019, it has been selected within the CLIMATE-KIC program, as one of the startup projects for the development of technology for food packaging, reducing food waste and eliminating plastic waste generated by packaging.


ENCAPSULAE has own technology and licensed by the CSIC, for the encapsulation of active ingredients in supports such as zeolites, sepiloites, bentonites, polysaccharides, silices, microcapsules, organo-clays and others, with which active packaging is then manufactured.

Once the containers have been used, they become a waste that if not recycled properly takes hundreds of years to degrade. ENCAPSULAE has additives to accelerate the degradation of polymers so that once the packaging has been used it can be degraded in less than 180 days following the EN-13432 standard.



The additives developed by ENCAPSULAE preserve the food from the change from the container, extend the shelf life of the food, through solutions such as oxygen absorption, bacteria reduction, sunlight filters, antioxidant release, etc.

In addition, additives have been developed that accelerate the biodegradation of containers under OK COMPOST conditions in less than 180 days.


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The containers have been a great advance in food preservation, but still 30% of the food produced is being wasted and this has the best conservation techniques available such as refrigeration and the modified atmosphere.

The additives withstand the extrusion temperature of plastics, so there is no loss of the active substance during the industrial process, this deterioration does occur without encapsulation. These additives can be applied to both conventional plastics and bioplastics.

ENCAPSULAE technology consists of encapsulated additives to control the atmosphere of the container as emitters of scents, oxygen absorbers, ethylene, moisture, all under the name GASBLOCK.

The company also has ASEPTICAE products that are food contact antimicrobials, specific to each type of food such as cooked ham, chicken, beef, cheese and fish.


In addition, a family of LUXBLOCK products have been developed, which are visible light filters, ultraviolet filters and infrared filters, to block different wavelengths and protect some food proteins from light, so that the organoleptic properties of the food.



The use of food packaging has improved food preservation, but it has generated a problem such as plastic waste that has become a real headache and there is increasing social awareness to find a permanent solution to the problem.


The use of biopolymers or recycled polymers is a growing trend in the market, but there are still steps towards compostability.

At the same time, there is a need to eliminate the generation of microplastics that are contaminating food and the planet, which is why the application of international certification standards such as EN 13432 becomes important, to specify which products are biodegradable, compostable and which are oxodegradable and microplastic generators.

ENCAPSULAE has developed a family of products to accelerate the biodegradability of biopolymers and polymers so that they can become compost in a minimum time according to EN 13432.


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